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City Club provides options - not obligations.

Members are welcome to become as involved or uninvolved as their schedules or interests dictate. City Club has no attendance requirements and no requirement that members serve on any committee, although it is strongly encouraged and is one of the best ways to get to know other City Club members. Our members have access to all of our programs at discounted rates. Non-members may attend one program each season as guests, but are strongly encouraged to join as a member.

Benefits of City Club Membership

  • Opportunity to hear authoritative, entertaining speakers present relevant civic-related topics 2-3 times per month, September through May.
  • Opportunity to meet and talk with speakers and other members and guests while enjoying lunch at The Palm Denver .
  • Members receive all City Club mailings and timely e-mail notification of all City Club events.
  • Members receive discounted rates at all programs.
  • Members may choose to participate in determining program topics and speakers.
  • Members may choose to help plan special events.
  • City Club membership offers networking opportunities with a diverse and influential body of members, including elected officials, business and finance leaders, young and seasoned professionals, and a variety of people from many other fields.
  • City Club programs provide a unique and interesting alternative to the standard, single-agenda, industry-specific business lunch. Members often invite clients, prospects or interviewees to attend as their guests.
  • Joining as a corporation or nonprofit organization offers:
    • More recognition for the entity.
    • Reduced rates over joining for the same number of individuals.
    • Rotating Memberships, allowing an organization to change names on their membership any time.
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