The City Club of Denver's History and Purpose

In April of 1922 a small group of community-minded citizens organized the City Club of Denver. Since its founding, the City Club has been an active and influential source of knowledge about issues affecting metropolitan Denver. It is the purpose of the Club to provide a vehicle for dispensing information dealing with the growth and development of Denver and the wider community. It consistently offers objective, unbiased programs vital to understanding the important issues that confront the community.The City Club's purpose is expressed in its mission statement:
  • to insist on the importance of civic affairs; 
  • to ascertain conditions; 
  • to impart not opinions, but the basis for opinions; 
  • to discipline our public acts with private thinking;
  • to seek to inform rather than to reform;
  • to equip individuals to deal effectively with civic issues;
  • to foster good-humored friendship among ourselves;
  • all to the end that government, commerce, science and the arts in the Denver metropolitan region may thrive.

The City Club is not a political club or a service club. It does not contribute funds to, nor does it promote, any business, profession, religion, or interest group. It is not a unit of any other club, local or national.

City Club of Denver   PO Box 691, Denver, CO 80201
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